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About H&P Logis Inc.

"We will serve you with our safe, expedite logistics service to build strong reliance on us with our logistics service."

H&P Logis Inc. has established at 25th of June 2015 to provide innovative, differentiated logistics service. Our establishing member has experience in start to launch one-stop anti-tremor semi-conductor/LCD facilities’ logistics service in 1996, Korea-Japan’s one-stop anti-tremor logistics service launch in 1999, Korea-China-Japan’s one-stop anti-tremor logistics service in 2004.

H&P Logis Inc. is made of experts in forwarding, engineering, facility transportation business with facilities and equipment of 1,500 square meter size of clean room warehouse like semi-conductor producing facility quality, 100 Isothermal-humidity Controllable Containers (200 IHCCs in the 1st quarter of 2018), 55 ton forklift, specialized low-bed trailers for heavyweight facilities and precision machinery transportation equipment. We have our headquarter in Seoul, branch office in Cheonan, Busan and four overseas branches in Hanoi, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Guangzhou to build core stronghold to provide global one-stop precision machinery logistics service.


We change the world with our innovative logistics service and contribute humanity development.


Become a globally integrated logistics provider

Globally integrated logistics service implementation strategies

Management Policy

We’re trying our best to become a human-oriented company with innovative, creative logistics service to change the world so that we could be our clients’ best partner company by creating logistics value through a harmonious cowork with customers.

Convergence of Future
We’re doing our best by stadying about the logistics service in future
Customer Satisfaction
We complete the H&P way of logistics service by providing safest facility transportation
Divergent Thinking
We think of our logistics service as our clients’ are expect about it

Management Philosophy

Core Value





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