Business Sector

Contract Logistics Business

H&P Logis Inc. possessed optimized equipment such as Isothermal Humidity Controllable Container, Anti-tremor low-bed trailers, etc. for on land transportation, warehouse storage, facility packaging. With these equipment, we can promptly respond to our clients’ request at all time.

Features and Advantages of our Contract Logistics Service


The first and the largest number 200 of IHCCs holder in Korea


Professional Operation Team for Precision Machinery and Heavy weight facility transportation


Fully equipped Clean Room as a Semi-conductor manufacturing Company’s Project Execution

Project Execution

Lots of big project performance records

Special transportation service for precision machinery and heavyweight facilities
H&P Logis Inc. contributes customers’ logistics service’s efficiency and reduction of logistics cost with its state-of-the-art consulting techniques and logistics operating system, we also can provide the most suitable logistics service solution for our valuable clients
  • - Company F’s Precision Machinery manufacturing facility’s transportation in Cheonan city
  • - Company N’s Precision Machinery manufacturing facility’s transportation in Yongin city
  • - Company D, S’s Precision Machinery manufacturing facility’s transportation in Korea
Global 3PL
We provide global one-stop logistics service with RORO (roll on & roll off) vessel to make transportation of the precision machinery accurately, safely, swiftly
  • - Company L’s LCD facility’s one-stop transportation using RORO vessel
  • - Company S’s L5 LCD facility’s one-stop transportation with RORO vessel to China
Korea – China - Japan one-stop logistics service
Semi-conductor, LCD, medical healthcare product manufacturing facility’s one-stop logistics service on our anti-tremor trailers at all times without loading, unloading procedures. H&P Logis Inc.’s Korea - China – Japan’s one-stop logistics service has made of perfect process and systematic procedures to execute it from the site of loading to the requested site of landing.

Advantages of using IHCC(Isothermal Humidity-Controllable Containers) Logistics service

Procedure of using IHCC

Benefits of using IHCC

Reduction of packaging expense

Enhance brand image as a eco-friendly by reducing amount of wooden packaging and disposal of plastic packs during the transportation with cost reduction

Swift engineering process and safe facility transportation

Prompt respond to the sudden weather change or unexpected change of schedule to minimize the risk

Reduce time on packaging, dismantling facility

Protect from damage by crash, scratch or etc during the process of carry in facility and unpacking of it

Protect influence from fluctuation of weather and temperature change

Reduce expenses on facility malfunctioning by minimize damages from fine dust, yellow dust, winter time’s condensation