Business Sector

Special Cargo Logistics Business

H&P Logis Inc. has the knowhow of engineering from mantle/dismantle, carry in/out, transportation which is accumulated for years so that we can measure the site of departure to the arrival point to make precise logistics plan and solution which perfectly meet the request from the customer. We provide the utmost logistics service in semi-conductor, LCD, Solar facilities’ carriage with precisely, timely, safely manner to our clients with constant improvement on technic, better equipment for the logistics service.

Features and Advantages of our Special Cargo Logistics service

Manpower & Experience

Veteran technicians got over 10 years of engineering experience on special facility logistics

Project Consulting

H&P Logis Inc. holds a variety of performance record in precision machinery transportation project (domestic/ overseas)


We built a network covers entire north-east asia from Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam


We have up-to-date facility carriage equipment for entire logistics service which guarantees the best quality

Process of the facility carry in & out
Major Performance Record

Jun 2017, Company S’s A4 facility carry in logistics service

Jan 2017, Company S’ facility carry out logistics service

Dec 2016, Company S’ 7th generation LCD facility carry out logistics service

Nov 2016, Company L’s CA LCD facility 2nd one-stop logistics service

Oct 2016, Company S’ L5PH2 facility batch transportation

Aug 2016, Company S’ A2 Display facility carry out logistics service

Jan 2016, Enrolled Company S’ carry in cooperative company and started

Dec 2015, Company S’ LCD Module facility transportation

Core Infrastructure
  • Human Resources Infrastructure

    • - Engineers who holds years experience overseas LCD, OLED, Semi-conductor facility carriage project
    • - Secured Occupational Health and Safety Management Licensee
    • - Follows global standard of engineering procedures by implementation of professional training in and outside of the company
  • Physical Infrastructure

    • - Up-to-date, optimized equipment for facility carry in and out
    • - Possessed 55 ton forklift and a variety of equipment for engineering service
    • - The largest number of air casters for heavy weight facilities
    • - Finest Gondola, Jig, Gantry Cranes, Train, Trolley Casters and other equipment